Which stocks in the stock market will be successful in 2021?

BlackRock believes that these are stocks that generate a stable income (i.e. can pay dividends). It is beli...

Digital bank history.

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We present to you an interesting article on the history of the development of a digital bank.

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In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, many central banks of various countries began the study of digital money - CBDC.

So China and Sweden are testing their digital...


In his report, the World Economic Forum considered the possibility of using blockchain technology to identify supply chain failures.

WEF has published a blockchain impl...

Chinese court declared ETH property

A Chinese court has indicated that Chinese citizens are not prohibited from owning or transferring ETH. To get cryptocurrencies, people buy or mine them through mining, while ...

National digital currencies

💠 Will national digital currencies develop?

Many countries have announced that they are considering introducing a national digital currency.

So Sweden, China an...

What awaits the blockchain in 2020?

🌐🌐 In 2019, information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies was in the news for various reasons.

🌐🌐 In 2019, new cryptocurrencies and new blockchain techno...