National digital currency

National digital currency

18.06.2020, 14:45

Do countries need a national digital currency (CBDC)?

CBDC or national digital currency - just ask for the digital form of a fiat currency of the country. Instead of printing paper banknotes and minting coins, the Central Bank will issue electronic tokens.

Deposits that are stored today in the commercial banks are already digital and can be moved in electronic form with a large shelf.

The Central Bank begins the study of the use of national digital currencies. Economists confirm that the digital currencies of the Central Bank can improve the functioning of the market.

The Bank of International Accounts (BIS) stated that they could improve liquidity by increasing the speed of transactions.

The Bank of England noted that digital money is able to increase BBP by 3% due to the reduction of operational charges.

In states with a forming market economy, national digital currencies are considered first and foremost as a result of the expansion of the financial situation. This will allow the authorities to include in the digital economy the aim of not having access to the banking services.