What managers are investing in

What managers are investing in

02.02.2022, 15:13

Fund Manager Simplify Volt Robocar Disruption and Tech Tad Pak.

He noted that the high performance of the electric car sector in the third quarter is likely to continue in 2022. Tesla is the fund's largest asset with a share of almost 20%. About 2.4% of the capital is distributed among other manufacturers of electric vehicles - Lucid and Rivian. Potential Tesla's competitors if they can overcome the semiconductor shortage and supply chain problems. Other assets in the fund's portfolio include shares of graphics processor maker NVIDIA, industrial company KUKAY and Brazilian mining company Vale.

Norizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries Portfolio Manager James Davolos.

The largest asset is the pharmaceutical company Charles River, with a share of 5.71% in the fund's portfolio. Another leader is Techas Pacific Land. Davolos said that "as other companies scale up, the costs of inflation will increase." In contrast, Tehas Pacific Land has minimal commercial and administrative costs.

"We hold shares in Meta Platforms, but we are more interested in new companies that will change the augmented reality industry in the coming years, as they provide the best investment opportunities.

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