2020 ends.

It was interesting and challenging.

The challenges that he presented to us made us stronger and stronger.

We did it thanks to you.


This week's analytics.

What's happening in the markets?

What is the reason for such a record growth?

Let's try to consider some of the events that happened this week. All the talk th...

A speculative frenzy in the markets

The shares are worth $ 100 trillion. The companies placed $ 175 billion in public auction. The bonds are trading at $ 3 trillion with negative yields.

Amid the pandem...

Christmas Eve.

  1. Christmas Eve. Time to open gifts from WBB.

The WBB team gives you presents for Christmas.

Deposit for 6 months at 3%

and for 1 year at 6%.



Which stocks in the stock market will be successful in 2021?

BlackRock believes that these are stocks that generate a stable income (i.e. can pay dividends). It is beli...

Cryptocurrency is more convenient for trading on Wall Street.

Cryptocurrency is more convenient for trading on Wall Street.

If you compare trading cryptocurrency with trading gold, then cryptocurrency has an advantage. It lies in...

Digital bank history.

Dear Community!

We present to you an interesting article on the history of the development of a digital bank.

Link here.

Will cryptocurrencies replace gold?

Bitcoin's recent growth has been linked to institutional investment. As soon as large investors left the stable "harbor" of gold, the price of bitcoin hit a record.


Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday!

Deposits in

Wibcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum

+ 10%.

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