Other crypto derivatives

What financial instruments, besides derivatives, are used by cryptocurrency markets?

Crypto markets are now using many traditional quantitative strategies. For example...

Financial instruments.

Standard financial instruments migrated to the crypt.

Bitcoin is volatile. Sharp price changes are sometimes caused by Elon Musk's tweets, mining bans in China, as wel...

A speculative frenzy in the markets

The shares are worth $ 100 trillion. The companies placed $ 175 billion in public auction. The bonds are trading at $ 3 trillion with negative yields.

Amid the pandem...


Which stocks in the stock market will be successful in 2021?

BlackRock believes that these are stocks that generate a stable income (i.e. can pay dividends). It is beli...

Cryptocurrency is more convenient for trading on Wall Street.

Cryptocurrency is more convenient for trading on Wall Street.

If you compare trading cryptocurrency with trading gold, then cryptocurrency has an advantage. It lies in...

Will cryptocurrencies replace gold?

Bitcoin's recent growth has been linked to institutional investment. As soon as large investors left the stable "harbor" of gold, the price of bitcoin hit a record.



Goldman Sachs has made a positive outlook for stock market growth in 2021. In his message it is said that at the beginning of this year there was a decrease in the return on c...

Imagine 2030

On September 10 this year, Deutsche Bank presented its "Imagine 2030" report.

In it, the new decade is

not flattering - the "Century of disorder."


Digital coins haven for investors in 2020.

According to the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, digital coins are up 66% in 2020, surpassing gold gains by over 20%, as well as the returns on global stocks, bonds and commodit...


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