Bloomberg Intelligence analyst says EFT bitcoin industry is awaiting SEC approval.

Now, in his opinion, the SEC is closer than ever to issuing a permit.

Why is ...


Why are auction houses using NFT?

Undoubtedly, the interest of auction houses in selling masterpieces for NFT is to make a profit.

But it is also attracting a n...

Portfolio 60/40

Over the years, investors have stacked up their 60/40 portfolio. This model has always won. 60 percent of the portfolio is allocated to risky stocks. 40 on a safe fixed inco...


According to BlackRock analysts, the purchase of gold as a safe haven from inflation is exaggerated.

Although gold remains a store of value in the long run.



New opportunities for cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly taking over the world of traditional finance. So on February 11, the Canadian regulator of Ont...


We started our post with the words of Warren Buffett's: Investors should "be fearful when others are greedy."

This great quote didn't come to mind for nothing.



BlackRock ($ 7.81 trillion under management) filed a filing with the SEC, in which it said that its funds can submit Bitcoin futures.

We are talking about BlackRock Fund...

Will cryptocurrencies replace gold?

Bitcoin's recent growth has been linked to institutional investment. As soon as large investors left the stable "harbor" of gold, the price of bitcoin hit a record.


Record GDP growth

Economists are expected to announce record GDP growth in the third quarter of this year.

30% for the entire 3rd quarter is a record since the deep recession of the Seco...

National digital currencies

💠 Will national digital currencies develop?

Many countries have announced that they are considering introducing a national digital currency.

So Sweden, China an...