18.04.2021, 14:28

How not to lose cryptocurrency - crypto security.

The popularity of cryptocurrency attracts more and more scammers who use more and more methods to steal it. They also use phishing attacks, look for vulnerabilities in the source code, introduce themselves as company employees and find out the private key, seed phrases, and passwords. Often, holders themselves give out all the information, not suspecting that they are a fraudster.

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers?

When creating a crypto wallet, you must protect it with a password, touch ID, face ID, seed-phrases, 2FA. And here you need to remember that only you and no one else have access to the seed phrases and the private key. This information must not be shared with anyone or shared with anyone.

How to store a seed phrase?

A seed phrase is 24 words that give you the ability to recover your wallet data if it is lost. It cannot be stored on electronic media, including flash drives. Hackers can intercept this information at the time of connection.

Store it offline. As trite as it sounds, you can store it by writing it down on paper.

Can also be stored on a dedicated encrypted device. And additionally place this device for storage in special banks, for example, World Bit Bank prepares such storage services for customers in its vault.

And one more very important point, never, to anyone and under any conditions, do not transfer seed phrases.

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