This week's analytics.

This week's analytics.

29.12.2020, 17:50

What's happening in the markets?

What is the reason for such a record growth?

Let's try to consider some of the events that happened this week. All the talk this week is about additional aid to the US population. This is an incentive of US $ 2,000 instead of US $ 600.

Donald Trump tweeted: "$ 2000 for our great people, not $ 600! They have suffered enough from the China Virus !!!" ...

What about the stock market? ( this moment).

S&P 500 index, NASDAQ, German DAX and others closed at record highs. At the same time, bonds fell, but the dollar strengthened. Bitcoin surpassed $ 28,000.

As you can see, investors reacted positively to incentives.

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