Top cryptocurrency trends

Top cryptocurrency trends

10.02.2022, 19:08


Last year, the boom in these tokens was provided by Elon Musk, who continues to play to increase canine meme tokens. So let's follow Shiba Inu, in which Vitalik Buterin donated $ 1 billion to the Coronavirus Center in India. With this information support, SHIB can soar to new heights.

NFT Tokens.

The volume of NFT trades in 2021 has increased 400 times - up to $ 13 billion. Stars, artists and galleries have begun to produce their own NFT collections and hold auctions. The clear beneficiary of the NFT boom is Ethereum ($ ETH), which contains most non-replaceable tokens. After a successful 2021, Ethereum can show a real leap if the network switches to proof-of-stick. In the sectors of the NFT and meta-universes, experts are increasingly talking about good prospects for the following tokens: Sandbox, WAX, Flow, Merit Circle, Enjin Coin and Immutable X.


Creating a virtual space for social interaction has revealed many technical problems. Some of them can be solved by blockchain technology and general decentralization. Therefore, in 2022 we should expect the emergence of new and rapid development of existing cryptocurrencies associated with metaverses.

One of the main beneficiaries of this trend is the project, which started in 2019 - Decentraland. The $ MANA project token has grown by more than 4,000% in a year, and that's not the limit.

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