What awaits the blockchain in 2020?

What awaits the blockchain in 2020?

🌐🌐 In 2019, information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies was in the news for various reasons.

🌐🌐 In 2019, new cryptocurrencies and new blockchain technology trends appeared. Even some governments around the world have begun to show interest in blockchain technology.

What awaits the blockchain in 2020?

Let's look at some areas of possible development.

In our opinion.

1⃣ This is the development of blockchain as a service (BaaS) technology. Blockchain as a Service is basically a cloud-based service which enables users to develop their own digital products by using blockchain technology.

You can create anything from decentralized applications, independent services or smart contracts.

2⃣ 2020 will be the year when we will see stablecoins spread even more.

3⃣ Using federated blockchain networks. In a federated blockchain network environment, multiple authorities control nodes in blockchain network instead of a single authority. This means that a group validates blocks on various nodes before a transaction can be processed. This adds extra layer of security and prevents unlawful transactions to pass through.

4⃣ Automation and artificial intelligence will accelerate development of blockchain applications. Blockchain can be used to record ledger data and variables. By using machine learning on the recorded data, it becomes easier to make the right decisions.