Imagine 2030

Imagine 2030

29.09.2020, 11:18

On September 10 this year, Deutsche Bank presented its "Imagine 2030" report.

In it, the new decade is

not flattering - the "Century of disorder."

Traditional banks are projected to continue printing money to fight the crisis in the coming decade. There will be an increase in inflation, an increase in debt, and a gradual depreciation of national currencies and an increase in stock markets.

Also, with the change of generation, the arrival of a new generation of milineals and the subsequent younger generation will have a positive effect on even greater adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Deutsche Bank writes that the milineal generation is increasingly choosing to invest in bitcoin and other crypto assets instead of, for example, gold.

Payed attention to the report and payments and payment systems.

It is said that by 2030 more and more people will use smartphone payments than debit cards and cash.

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