Chinese stocks

Chinese stocks

18.02.2022, 15:04

"Instead of trying to" find the fish "at the bottom, we encourage investors to be wary of high-risk securities that are not included in the current stock price. Our top stocks include Kuaishou, Tencent, Baidu, JD, Meituan and NetEase, ”said JPMorgan analysts led by Alex Yao.

Throughout 2021, the shares of many Chinese companies fell sharply amid tough measures to regulate the country's government. For example, shares of China's largest online retailer Alibaba fell 47% last year, shares of technology giant Tencent fell 17%, shares of Baidu and JD. com by 27.46% and 16.4% respectively, and shares of TAL Education fell by 95.3% over the same period, according to trading data.

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