Invest in.

Invest in.

14.01.2022, 12:04

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Advantages of new ETFs. The emergence of new ETFs will pave the way for cryptocurrency investments for pension and hedge funds that cannot hold bitcoin, explains CrossTower CEO Kapil Rathi. Some parts of client portfolios will now be able to be converted into bitcoin by financial advisers.

Bitcoin-ETF can also be considered by private investors: such funds are useful for those who still want to earn on the dynamics of the price of cryptocurrency number one, but do not want to take risks associated with its storage.

Last but not least, the new ETFs will smooth out cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

Disadvantages of bitcoin funds.

All ETFs charge customers a fee. According to Decrypt, y ProShares Bitcoin Strategy and Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy, the exchange commission's commission is 0.95%. That is, if you buy a BITO for $ 1,000, $ 9.5 will be debited to the commission each year.

This is more than in many ETFs on traditional assets, because the futures exchange fund has higher costs.

Each futures contract has an expiration date, and in the case of BTC contracts are specified for six consecutive months.

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