Portfolio 60/40

Over the years, investors have stacked up their 60/40 portfolio. This model has always won. 60 percent of the portfolio is allocated to risky stocks. 40 on a safe fixed inco...


According to BlackRock analysts, the purchase of gold as a safe haven from inflation is exaggerated.

Although gold remains a store of value in the long run.


Banking services

Banks' digital currencies will remove barriers to anyone's access to banking services.

Many do not have access to any banking services.

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New opportunities for cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly taking over the world of traditional finance. So on February 11, the Canadian regulator of Ont...


We started our post with the words of Warren Buffett's: Investors should "be fearful when others are greedy."

This great quote didn't come to mind for nothing.



Dear community!

From February 04 to February 08 our exchange is not working.

We carry out maintenance.

We are getting better for you.

Stay sa...


BlackRock ($ 7.81 trillion under management) filed a filing with the SEC, in which it said that its funds can submit Bitcoin futures.

We are talking about BlackRock Fund...


2020 ends.

It was interesting and challenging.

The challenges that he presented to us made us stronger and stronger.

We did it thanks to you.


This week's analytics.

What's happening in the markets?

What is the reason for such a record growth?

Let's try to consider some of the events that happened this week. All the talk th...

A speculative frenzy in the markets

The shares are worth $ 100 trillion. The companies placed $ 175 billion in public auction. The bonds are trading at $ 3 trillion with negative yields.

Amid the pandem...