Chinese court declared ETH property

A Chinese court has indicated that Chinese citizens are not prohibited from owning or transferring ETH. To get cryptocurrencies, people buy or mine them through mining, while ...


The Central Bank of the Netherlands stated its position on the CBDC issue:

We believe that it is necessary that public money remain accessible to all ..... The Central ...

Bitcoin is legal money?!

💠💠💠 A French commercial court recognized Bitcoin as a currency. Now Bitcoin can be considered as legal money in France.

According to a report by the local news outlet,...

National digital currencies

💠 Will national digital currencies develop?

Many countries have announced that they are considering introducing a national digital currency.

So Sweden, China an...

Pair trading continues - risks

📌📌📌 Consider the risks that may arise in pair trading.

In our opinion, there are 4 of them.

The first is the risk of non-execution. A trader may not fulfill the...

Pair trading continues

🌏 Back to the pair trading.

Consider a pair of EOS vs ETH. 🔄🔃♻️

ℹ Both pairs belong to the platforms that release Smart Contract. That is, they have the same fu...

Pair trading continues

🌏🌏🌏 Continuing the topic. ‼

Consider the following question.

How to choose paired crypto assets? ❓❓❓

The first is pairs that are highly correlated with ea...

Pair trading

💠 Let's consider pair trading as an investment strategy.

First, let's look at the concept of pair trading.

What is Pair Trading? ✅✅✅

Pair trading is a ma...

What awaits the blockchain in 2020?

🌐🌐 In 2019, information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies was in the news for various reasons.

🌐🌐 In 2019, new cryptocurrencies and new blockchain techno...