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Dear Community! The WBB project team is improving the work of the WBBEXCHANGE exchange every day. We have a new function. Now you do not need to worry about your cryptocurrency or fi...

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Dear community! August 07 our exchange is not working. We carry out maintenance. We are getting better for you. Stay safe. See you. Follow our news.


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National digital currency

Do countries need a national digital currency (CBDC)? CBDC or national digital currency - just ask for the digital form of a fiat currency of the country. Instead of printing pa...


The new alternative financial system, created on the basis of cryptocurrencies, is increasingly assimilating into the world of traditional finance, starting to seize its share f...


In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, many central banks of various countries began the study of digital money - CBDC. So China and Sweden are testing their digital yuan, the cr...


In his report, the World Economic Forum considered the possibility of using blockchain technology to identify supply chain failures. WEF has published a blockchain implementation me...